De Schrijfcoach Aruba

De Schrijfcoach Aruba (writing coach) is a writing consultancy agency and coaching service. Byande writes, as per assignment if you wish so, and leads a writing course twice a year in the national library of Aruba. In addition she also helps students with their studies (in the Dutch education system), and she works as a tutor. Furthermore, she offers individual coaching for employees who wish to enhance their abilities in Dutch as a career building move. Finally, the Schrijfcoach Aruba is an official examination institute for the CNaVT (TOEFL) under control of the ‘Centrum voor taal en Onderwijs’ in Leuven, Belgium.

Inspiring and motivating writers (business and creative) so that they get themselves to a higher level is still one of my biggest goals.
– Byande, februari 2018